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Moksha Pat

Moksha Pat is the original version of the Popular Snake and Ladder game. The mention of this game can be found in the records related to Dyneshwar a famous 13th-century Indian Marathi saint, poet, philosopher and yogi . It is said that Dyneshwar created this game for his younger siblings to keep them engaged whenever he had to leave them alone.

Modern snake and ladder game miss the real intent of the game which is learning values of life through the game. Modern game has just remained a skeleton of the original game focusing on the competitiveness.

Moksha pat is about values in life. Wrong values stop you from progressing in the wright direction while good values help you to live a meaningful life. Other than living a life, it also teaches all the things which needs to be done in life without any expectations.

This game is suitable to reinforce the Ethical values among employees in the corporate world.

Please write to me to get a copy of this game along with Trainer’s Manual.

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