Corporate Wellness Programs

Business retreat:

“Be yourself in the corporate world”

Is your life becoming too busy and toxic, and you are looking for a meaningful break from work? Then this business retreat is for you. This retreat is about journey from personal excellence to business excellence.

“Be yourself in the corporate world” is a 2 day Corporate wellness retreat. It covers wide range of topics focusing on wellness and business management concepts based on yogic practices. It is a unique combination to help corporate people achieve their goals in the corporate life while taking good care of themselves.

Understanding Karma

Karma is real… Period. It has impact on our entire life. Sooner we understand it, better we would be able to achieve what we want in our life

  1. What is Karma
  2. Types of Karma
  3. Importance of good Karma
  4. How karma helps in Conscious Living

Surviving toxic work culture

A toxic work culture can take a huge toll on mental and physical well being. This workshop focuses on how cope with toxic work culture

  1. Understanding the toxic work culture
  2. Tools & techniques to deal with toxic work culture

Game of emotions

“Game of emotions ” is definitely neither a game nor a TV series 🙂 . It is all about understanding the the game which emotions play.

With stressful times come extreme emotions and it’s important to find ways & means to manage them so that they don’t create an undesirable impact on your life.

  1. Different types of emotions
  2. Source of emotions
  3. Drivers of emotions
  4. Ways to handle emotions
  5. Learn tips to stay positive and optimistic


Mindfulness-” Easy to understand difficult to practice”. Learn five powerful principles of mindfulness to make it easier to practice and experience the power of mindfulness

Shinrin Yoku

Trees have always played an important role in human lives by contributing to almost every aspect of life Eg. food, shelter, fresh air etc. Learn how trees can help you to de-stress.

Creativity & Innovation-“Creature to creator”

What’s the code behind creativity? Why some people seem to be more creative than others? Whats the connection between creativity & Innovation?

Learn all the basics of creativity & Innovation and unlock the creativity code.

Bucket full of icebreakers

A speaker, a trainer , a Manager, a leader,a presenter…who doesn’t feel the need of an effective icebreakers. This session is for you if you want to make a first impression on your audience to make your message louder and engaging. You will be equipped with icebreakers which will never let you fail.

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