Whole universe can be divided into “Self & non-self”. Similarly, information can be divided into knowledge and wisdom. I create a podcast episode whenever I stumble across a piece of wisdom- It could be from someone I met, someone I heard or someone I read. My search for wisdom spreads from scriptures to wise men.

Here is my podcast ” Decoding life” which aims to find answers to many questions in our life.


Eposode 75: "Science, Superstition and spirituality" Decoding Life

Science, Superstition and spirituality
  1. Eposode 75: "Science, Superstition and spirituality"
  2. Episode 74: "Holi- Colours of love"
  3. Episode : 73 "Life is a play"
  4. "Episode 72 : Keep Moving"
  5. "Episode 71- What we eat, makes who we are…"

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