Whole universe can be divided into “Self & non-self”. Similarly, information can be divided into knowledge and wisdom. I create a podcast episode whenever I stumble across a piece of wisdom- It could be from someone I met, someone I heard or someone I read. My search for wisdom spreads from scriptures to wise men.

Here is my podcast ” Decoding life” which aims to find answers to many questions in our life.


I,me,myself and none of these Decoding Life

I,me,myself and none of these
  1. I,me,myself and none of these
  2. "Episode 81: What do we want in Life?"
  3. "Episode 80 : Practicing detachment in Corporate life.."
  4. "Episode 79: If only I knew it.."
  5. " Episode 78:Why do we get angry? "

My podcast “Decoding life” is also available on

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