SRT Personality Test

SRT stands for Sanskrit words- Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. As per ancient Vedic scriptures, Human is made up of these three qualities. Tamasic is the worst quality while Sattvic is the best quality.

This test is based on score in between 3 to 30. More the better. You can look for the areas of improvement in Column “criteria” depending on the score. These qualities are directly linked to the mental health and the happiness.

How to get your Score?- Just score yourself for every parameter in the test. Add the score at the end of the test. That’s your SRT score. If you feel that you meet the two criteria for the same parameter partly, then take the average of the two criteria as your score.

What does your Score Mean? (Indicative)

  • =<10 : Tamasic
  • >10, =<20 : Rajasic
  • > 20 : Sattvic

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